Get your discounted cash flow analysis off my start-up

October 25th, 2016|

My six-year-old has made me promise I will buy front-row tickets to watch him play State of Origin. I love his unabated optimism. In the local league competition, he had [...]

Why originality is optional for start-up success

October 25th, 2016|

In McConnell family folklore, few stories have greater fame than The Parable of the Cherry Doc Martens.  Let me retell it with Twitter-like brevity. In 1992, when Nirvana was topping [...]

How I blew up my perfect life: salaryman turned startup founder, Peter McConnell

August 18th, 2016|

Recently I lost my temper with the delightful young lady in the Telstra store. She was right and I was wrong. But time is precious and I was busy. Her [...]

From Woolworths’ director to Commtract founder, Peter McConnell

August 11th, 2016|

A $700,000-plus salary and all the perks of the Woolworths management board have not been enough to keep Peter McConnell, the former chief-of-staff to premier Barry O'Farrell and until July [...]