January can be a little like the first over of a test match

Your approach can set the course, and determine your success, for the rest of the game.

Some folks take until Australia Day to rediscover their motivation. Days are lost in office with spring cleans and strategy sessions, usually with the tennis or cricket distractingly playing in the background.

Others use the downtime more wisely. They complete those important projects that are never a top priority but lay the foundation for a highly productive year.

In our first year Commtract has more than 300 projects open, under or complete. Using this as a guide here are the top five January projects to get 2018 off to a flying start:

1. Media Training: When a crisis hits you always wish you had invested in proper media training. January is often the only time you can clear enough time in a busy executive’s diary.

2. Peer Review Your Plans: Assuring the boss or the board you have had the strategy reviewed by an experienced third party inspires confidence.

3. A Stockpile of Stories: Modern organisations have a thirst for content. Use the down time to develop a stockpile of material (written and visual) that you can use throughout the year.

4. Update the databases: By the end of the year, media lists and government relations databases can be a shamble. Investing in keeping these updated always pay off later.

5. Sell in the soft stories: Post Christmas can be a quiet time in the media and journalists always love a good soft story. It’s a great time to pitch in that positive piece.

If you need help with any of these projects don’t hesitate to contact us at Commtract.

We have 1,300 talented professionals all just looking for a reason to peel themselves off the beach towel and help get your 2018 off to a flying start.