Commtract launches fast-tracked integrated teams to PR agencies and Communication heads to solve short term skills and employment gaps

Commtract, Australia’s largest communication and marketing talent hub today launched a new service to provide integrated project teams to agencies and corporate communication heads on a fast-tracked basis.

With a growing platform of over 4,000 communication, creative, marketing and digital experts, Commtract enables fast connection, seamless engagement and the opportunity for organisations and agencies to quickly fill skill gaps.

The launch is in response to the increasing number of communication professionals registering on the Commtract platform to seek short term work and market demand for flexible resources in these challenging times.

“It’s a difficult environment for many businesses currently and the capacity and demands on agencies and corporate communication teams are rapidly changing. While the long term economic impact of COVID-19 is unknown – both our clients and experts are keen to maximise both work and skills productively,” said Executive Director, Vanessa Liell.

“In addition to providing single experts to fulfill specific short-term contracts, we will offer a dedicated service to help employers diagnose, scope and resource any project no matter how small with the ability to draw on our full range of talent and fast-track hiring. This means, if you can define the challenge, we’ll create the solution.”

“Commtract’s difference is all our experts are vetted and qualified with a proven track record. This means, a fast and efficient recruitment process and talent with solid experience who are ready to go within a day. Whether it be an annual report, media announcement, content marketing, video production or change management support – we can access the best talent in the market with teams from 1 to 10+ people ready to work,” said Liell.

Commtract’s experts range from corporate communicators, digital marketers, social media experts and content producers to change management, internal communications and media relations specialists and journalists. Commtract also has the capacity to handle all contracting requirements including the hiring process and payroll to enable a fast and seamless process.

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