Did you know 6 out of 10 people say they could benefit from AR?

By Faysal Dalel, Commtractor and accomplished Performance Digital Marketing and Communications professional with 12 years of demonstrated success in developing and implementing strategies to drive market growth and bottom-line profitability. He is also the founder & director of Dynamic Digital.
Augmented reality

Most people will know Augmented Reality (AR) from its most commonly used format through a smartphone, where the camera overplays digital information on to the surrounding environment. But Augmented Reality (AR) is much more than that. It’s a technology that creates powerful visual tools to help people understand the world around them. And it’s not a fad.

AR is a trend that’s becoming integral to consumer’s buying habits – even before the pandemic and lockdown – with 6 in 10 people saying that they want to be able to visualise where and how a product could fit into their lives. (1)

More and more consumers are beginning to understand and accept how technology can shape and better their lives through convenience, time saving and innovation and AR helps deliver that.

By creating a visual and immersive experience, brands can engage consumers more effectively, and deliver convenience.

This is particularly true for retail, where many buyers feel the next best thing to having a product in their hands, is to be able to virtually try it on, as was the case for MAC lipstick products. Their digital campaign allowed YouTube video viewers to virtually sample products, eventually generating increased converting traffic for the brand. (2)

Facebook in particular has been pushing this early, to pioneer AR use. The first Facebook AR-related application let people try on virtual sunglasses with the aid of smartphone camera. Facebook’s AR offering since, allowed consumers to digitally try on other products and model how they look before they purchase.

Facebook Augmented reality

From YouTube AR to Smart Goggles, people are starting to see that this technology can help them with all kinds of tasks and as marketers, we have to see beyond just keywords, content and landing page optimisations to engage consumers and draw them into immersive and visual experiences.

Many brands today want to be part of a ‘Frictionless economy’ – a buzz that you’ll hear often in Digital marketing – to deliver a seamless user experience and therefore expedite the path to purchase. That is exactly what AR can help with – along with the added benefit of capturing attention – so brands that want to compete effectively need to think about pushing boundaries by harnessing the potential of technology to better meet customer expectations.

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