Commtract Case Study – Xero 

By Commtract Team

“Commtract is a great pool of talent for us that has been pre-vetted and is ready to roll on projects. It is a bit of a gold mine for us,”

David Ogle, Senior Manager Communications Operations, Xero.

Xero is a true ANZAC tech success story. The ASX-listed cloud accounting software giant has blossomed in value in the past three years, helped by a period of growth through mergers and acquisitions and hiring of new employers.

Such stellar growth has brought with it a range of communications challenges for the company, which is headquartered in Wellington, listed in Australia, and has operations globally.

The Challenge

“As we are changing and growing quickly that can cause uncertainty and fatigue, so it is really important to have strong people in change communications when Xero is quickly growing and scaling,” says David Ogle, Xero’s Senior Manager for Communications Operations.

Xero has needed generalist comms skills too. “We are a global team, but a large number of the global comms team is here in Australia, and we have a lot of roles that we recruit for in Australia and New Zealand,” adds David.

The Solution

As it has grown, Xero has turned to Commtract on many occasions to find talent on demand for project work or short-term jobs.

“It really works well for us to be able to tap into Commtract and we have been able to do that really quickly and efficiently and effectively in terms of getting really good quality candidates back,” says David.

That was the case when Xero needed two Commtractors to work in its People and Change Comms Team. “Those roles need a really specialised skillset. You need to bring people in and develop them in the business because they need a deep understanding of the organisation to help people understand strategy and understand change and help us nurture a really good culture,” says David.

“Some people might assume Commtract only has a general corporate affairs/external communications skill set but it really demonstrates the breadth of talent on Commtract’s talent roster across many disciplines that we could hire people with such a specialised internal skillset so quickly and successfully.”

The Benefits

Indeed, several of Xero’s Commtractors have converted to permanent roles at the company. “It really shows the quality of candidates that are coming through Commtract,” says David. “That is why we continually turn to Commtract for resources.

“They also offer really good and competitive rates in terms of commissions and conversions, so that is also helpful.”

Does David have any tips for his peers who want to use Commtract and need to navigate internal approvals at their own organisation?

“As we have grown as a function, Xeros have seen the value and contribution of the Communications team,” he says. “So, we are looking for Commtractors who are flexible and are strong stakeholder managers with a solid background in communications. Being able to source from a talented pool of people who are looking for contract work and may consider moving to permanent roles in the future makes Commtract an incredibly powerful resource for us.”

How Commtract can help you:

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